I'm Katlyn, AKA PixelPantz. That name came from one of my very first online screen names. The ones you make as a kid that are super embarrassing and you eventually change it to something better. Well, I never grew out of it and now here we are.
         I started cosplaying in 2009 at a small convention in Decatur, Alabama. I immediately fell in love with the community, the events, and ultimately the craft. After about 4 years of just goofing off, 2014 rolled around and I started taking on bigger projects, collaborating on larger costumes, and just immersing myself deeper into the community. I went to larger conventions, met more amazing people, and ultimately decided I needed to do this more often. After I started taking it a little more "seriously" I decided to try and craft and armor from one of my favorite video games. I was hooked. Armor was the perfect mix of nerdiness and fabrication and to be honest I felt like I was good at it. In 2016 one of my armors gained international attention and things really expanded from there. Then, in 2017, I moved to Biloxi, Mississippi and started cosplaying professionally. I have since dedicated all of my time to perfecting my craft and content. 
         Now, I attend conventions to promote this same kind of passion to the community. I always want to inspire and motivate others while trying to make the craft a little more approachable for anyone of any skill set or budget. Cosplay can be daunting and armor can be even more intimidating. But I really believe anyone is capable of making the costume of their dreams.
         I've started making tutorials, live streaming my process, and holding more panels at conventions, all to try a reach as many people as possible. My little community has grown over the years, but they are my family and we're always trying to help out more people.