I have no idea what I’m doing
— Pixelpantz

          "A southern-punk born and raised, Kat started cosplaying in late 2009. Nearly 6 years later, she finally mastered speaking in 3rd person, expert selfie-taking, and trying a little too hard on her costumes."

Kind of. 

          I really did start cosplaying in 2009, if you could consider what I was doing was cosplaying. I fell in love with the community, the events, and ultimately the craft. After about 4 years of just goofing off, 2014 rolled around and I started taking on bigger projects, collaborating on larger costumes, and just immersing myself deeper into the community. I went to larger conventions, met more amazing people, and ultimately decided I needed to do this more often.
          Since my social media reach has expanded recently, I've gotten a lot of questions about makeup, costumes, conventions, gaming, and everything in between. I decided a website was the perfect place to keep all my not-so-secret secrets and to just let it all hang out. So here's to trying to be the ultimate CON-artist! (Har har har)

Oh, and I really am a tryhard.